Tupperware® Smart Multi-Cooker

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Cook pasta or grains, steam vegetables, and create full meals all in one product, all in your ...

Cook pasta or grains, steam vegetables, and create full meals all in one product, all in your microwave.

No need to sacrifice great meals over time anymore, you can plan your menu and set everything in your Smart Multi-Cooker Large and then it will just take virtually minutes to get ready and no need to be next to the stove taking care of it.

Easy to use, mess free, multipurpose, the Smart Multi-Cooker Large is big on healthy meal prep, yet takes up very little space. You can prepare steamed foods using little to no fat. You can cook pasta, rice and, other healthy grains.  You and your family can now enjoy healthy, nutritious meals with a simple microwave.

The Smart Multi-Cooker Large lets everyone from the novice to experts get great results: now you will be able to cook for up to 4 people and then nest and stack all the components for compact storage.

True steaming in the microwave: how does it work?
The unique Shielded Colander and Cover block the microwaves. Microwaves can only reach the water in the bottom part and will heat the water, which generates steam to cook the food inside the colander.

Cooking rice and grain mess-free in the microwave: how does it work?
Microwaves heat the water and bring it to boil to cook the grains. The unique Grain Insert and Cover break the foam created by the starch and helps to prevent overflow.

Cooking pasta in the microwave: how does it work?
The base is used without the cover. Microwaves heat the water and bring it to the boil to cook the pasta. The colander of the Smart Multi-Cooker can then be used to drain your pasta easily.

The Smart Multi-Cooker features a 3L/3-Qt. capacity base, for cooking up to 500g/2½ cups of dry rice or 500g/1lb. of dry pasta (see cooking chart in the product insert). 


Dimensions (Metric/ US):
W 26.3 x H 14.9 x L 25.9 cm
W 10.4 x H 5.8 x L 10.2 inch

Volume (Metric / US):
3 L / 3 qt.

Max Wattage:
US 1200 / EU & AP 900 watts

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Do not use sharp or metal utensils
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Not freezer safe
  • Not safe for use in the oven
  • Not safe for use on the stovetop
  • Not safe for use with grill/broil function
  • Safe for use in the microwave

  • Upgrade your microwave to a 3 in 1 cooking system: ​true steam cooking (vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, fruits, flans, cakes), but also grains (rice, bulgur, buckwheat, couscous, quinoa) and pasta cooking.
  • Use it everyday! Very versatile, the Smart Multi-Cooker will make your life easier from starters to main courses, side-dishes and even desserts. The cooking possibilities are unlimited.​
  • 0 cooking skills required and 0 supervision. Set your ingredients in the Smart Multi-Cooker and let it take care of everything. ​
  • A companion for health and pleasure: Steaming is one of the healthiest cooking methods, it preserves nutrients, but also flavor, texture, and color of your food. Pasta provides the energy for your whole family's active life.
  • There will be room for it, even in the smallest kitchens, thanks to its compact size.

The product can be used to serve at the table. Using a trivet to protect the surface of your table, keep the Shielded Colander in the Base, turn the Shielded Cover upside down on the table, and place the Low Colander on it.

For Steaming:

  • Make sure to leave enough space between pieces of foods to allow steam to circulate around and maximize the steaming process.
  • Denser foods may take longer to steam. Best results are obtained when steaming pieces of food of similar size.
  • Marinate fish or meat prior to steaming or add toppings such as condiments. Seasonings or sauces will significantly enhance their appearance and flavor.
  • When steaming white fish fillet it is recommended to baste the fillets with a small amount of oil (1ml/0.2 tsp). It will enhance the taste of the food and prevent possible overflowing of liquid. 

Cooking Grains:

  • Make sure that the grains are completely submerged in water before cooking.
  • For grains with high starch content, it is better to cook smaller quantities. 

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