Juego Vent 'N Serve® mediano de 2 piezas


Detalles del producto

Planifica con anticipación y prepara comida extra para almuerzos más saludables.

Detalles del producto

Planifica con anticipación y prepara comida extra para almuerzos más saludables. La válvula de silicona fácil de abrir y cerrar permite que salga el vapor al recalentar la comida en el microondas. Las bases con pies aseguran un recalentamiento parejo mientras que las asas se mantienen frías al tacto. Ideal para el refrigerador y el congelador para disfrutar de la mayor versatilidad en la planificación de comidas.

  • Incluye un recipiente Llano Mediano de 2½ tazas/600 ml y un recipiente Mediano de 4¼ tazas/1 L
  • En Indigo/Mist
  • Puede lavarse en el lavaplatos automático
  • Garantía limitada de por vida

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(6 reseñas de clientes)
bring back an old product 1/15/2018
Comentarista: Janice
I should have added in my review to bring back the old vent serve containers #3385A-2& lids - #3386A-6 - these lids worker so much better.
Unhappy with a product 1/15/2018
Comentarista: Janice
I have a whole set of these, the tops are hard to get on and don't stay on, especially in the freezer. I wish Tupperware would contact me and provide replacements. Didn't they do any testing before putting them on the market? After spending $130 on this wasted product I'm hesitant to buy more.
Lids don't stay on. 10/27/2017
Comentarista: Steve
I bought 3 collections at a party. The lids don't work. What a waste of money. Wasted so much time trying to figure what I was doing wrong. Not me ....its the product. I'm really surprised how bad this product is. Can't believe I lost so much money. Not sure I will spend money on Tupperware ever again.
Great product 10/3/2017
Comentarista: KIMBERLY
I absolutely love this, as well as most of the Tupperware products. I have owned & have used Tupperware ever since I can remember (which is a very long time), & Tupperware hasn't pert me down yet. I sometimes struggle a little with opening & putting on lids, but I have RA so that's understandable. I would buy & recommend these to anyone! A review I read somewhere said they wished they would make a divided container in this line, because that would be great to package up lunches in
Would not buy again 8/14/2017
Comentarista: Jen
In contrast to the other reviewer, my lids go on just fine... now if only they would STAY that way. They pop off in the freezer, every time. They're usually okay in the fridge (not always), but I specifically wanted freezer storage containers. My least-favorite Tupperware product ever, and I've owned more than a few!
tops do not fit 9/26/2016
Comentarista: Regina
I really cannot believe this is tupperware. I purchased every piece in this collection, not just this set, and I struggle and struggle to get the tops to fit. I have just spent 30 minutes switching and trying tops from my rectangle pieces to try to get one that fit. It's so frustrating it is not even worth owning these. I bought tupperware because it is supposed to be the best and therefore worry free. NOT the case with this. I requested replacement with another freezer set.