Juego de Tazones Tupperware® Impressions Clásicos


Detalles del producto

Nuestra línea de tazones de textura para servir, guardar y preparar comida lo hace con estilo.

Detalles del producto

Nuestra línea de tazones de textura para servir, guardar y preparar comida lo hace con estilo. El borde decorativo de cada tazón te brinda comodidad al sostenerlo, y tiene un declive para poder verter con facilidad. ¡Lo mejor de todo es que el juego completo puede meterse dentro del tazón grande para un almacenamiento compacto!

  • Juego de 3 tazones con tapas
  • Capacidades de 5-1/2 tazas/1.2 L, 10 tazas/2.5 L y 18 tazas/4.2 L
  • Puede lavarse en el lavaplatos automático
  • En Cool Aqua/Lupine/Radish
  • Garantía limitada de por vida

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Extra nice 10/4/2017
Comentarista: Rochelle
Bought several, one for self and 2 as wedding gifts. You can see contents without opening. Good basic sizes for fridge. Good lid closure. Someone said the moisture collects under the lid— yes, this is the moisture from the food, trapped and recirculating, not escaping outside to dry out! Just place in pan and reheat, with all the original moisture. Very pretty on table for fruit or salad as serving bowl.
Gina 4/26/2017
Comentarista: Gina
Very disappointed at the quality of these Tupperware bowls with lids. The lids do not have air tight seals. I put some leftovers in one of the bowls and snapped the lid on. It was only in the fridge overnight. When I opened the lid the next day there was lots of water and ice crystals on the underside of the lid. These are not the quality Tupperware is know for and not worth the money.
Lids 3/11/2017
Comentarista: Myra
I found these bowls to be great..esp. the middle size...perfect for almost everything. However when I first got them, I was like Louann on the reviews. The lids gave me a lot of problems. Then I found out they burp just like the older ones and thus stay closed all the time. Love them.
lids are weird 11/28/2016
Comentarista: LUANN
I've had tupperware bowls for all of my life. I thought I would get some new ones for storage and ordered these online. The bowls are very nice and the lids are very sturdy. The problem we have is with sealing the lid on the bowl. You really have to press to get the lid on, unlike the old burp and seal lids. And, somehow after the bowls are in the fridge, the seal almost comes undone. We've had more than one occurrence of the lid being off and everything spilling out all over everything.

So, I would recommend these bowls for mixing but not for storing with my personal experience.
LOVE 11/9/2016
Comentarista: Lisa
I got these about two months ago and I LOVE them!!! They hold so much and they are so easy to wash!