Juego de Envases One Touch® Reminder/Negro


Detalles del producto

Nuestro elegante juego de envases no se queda sobre la encimera simplemente luciendo su belleza. La ventana especial en el frente te recuerda cuando se está acabando el contenido.

Detalles del producto

Nuestro elegante juego de envases no se queda sobre la encimera simplemente luciendo su belleza. La ventana especial en el frente te recuerda cuando se está acabando el contenido. ¡La tapa One Touch® rediseñada se puede abrir y cerrar con un suave toque, pero sigue siendo hermética! Incluye un envase grande de 17 tazas/4 L, un envase mediano de 12 tazas/2.8 L, un envase pequeño de 8 tazas/1.9 L y un envase Junior de 5 tazas/1 L.

  • Base blanca/tapa negra
  • Puede lavarse en el lavaplatos automático
  • Garantía limitada de por vida

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Love the canisters but missing lids. 2/19/2018
Comentarista: Teresa
I love these canisters! I ordered 3 sets and will soon order more. I have a problem, though. I received only 3 lids for each set of canisters, not one for each canister set. My order arrived a couple of weeks ago, but I just opened it, to find the shortage. I really look forward to receiving the lids, so that I can use all of my canisters.
Thank you,
Teresa Cook
Best Canister Set Ever 10/22/2017
Comentarista: Kimberly
I cannot say too many great things about this canister set! I've had my 2 sets of One Touch i cannot say enough great things about these canisters! I've had 2 sets of canisters for years, & they still look & seal like they are brand new. My Mom & I still have the old style Tupperware canister set with the ridged lids, & those were harder to keep clean, but they sealed perfectly! I like the new style lids much better, & they're just as easy to seal. They keep my most used ingredients & products close at hand, the contents are as fresh as the day I stored them, I can easily look & see what I'm running low on without opening up the canister, & they're stylish sitting on my counters. I'm going to buy another set for my daughter since she's renting a place with a real kitchen in it, & she'll need a good set.
I get ants & mice in here every year, & these help keep things fresh & safe. Before I was able to replace my canisters, I caught mice & evidence of mice in everything they could chew their way to, including sugar, pancake mix, soup mixes, dried noodle soup, & even flour, but these canisters & other Tupperware containers keep everything safe from all pests. I don't live in a rural area either, but with all the construction, these & other uninvited "guests" don't get a free meal.
By not having to replace the contents, I saved money, & they paid for themselves & more in short fashion! I miss getting the scoops & other "gadgets" we used to get at parties or the option to buy 1 or 2 for each set! Some of my grandmother's recipes call for "Tupperware scoops" of ingredients. Thankfully I have a scoop of 2 around, but I wish I had more so I'm not keeping my measuring cups in containers all the time.
I'm not obsessed with Tupperware like some may think, & I won't buy the other brands unless I'm going to lend it or give it away. (Tools & Tupperware seem to grow legs or they rarely get returned.) However, when a product meets or exceeds my expectations, I'm loyal to that brand. Other brands cost the same or more than these, & they don't have the warranty or quality Tupperware has.
I adamantly recommend this product to anyone & everyone! They are reasonably priced, liquid & air tight, easy to use, stylish, & they reduce or eliminate the need to throw products & ingredients away! It's well worth the money.
these are great 10/6/2017
Comentarista: Jackie
I have had this set of canisters for I would guess close to 30 years and they still work great. Seal like they were new.
Great! 6/25/2017
Comentarista: Brittney
Great size and quality! Super easy to remove the seal one-handed, which makes it nice when my hands are full! I use my set for sugar, flour, oatmeal and coffee. Everything stays super fresh!
Amazing One Touch Containers 5/9/2017
Comentarista: Pat
I have had these for several years. I LOVE THEM !! Being one touch means MUCH easier to open /close. The clear spot helps me know when I need more . I tend to have ant problems - they can't get in !! Love them so much I'm going to get another set. Right now I have sugar , brown sugar , flour , and wheat flour in them . In the next set I'll put in confectioner's sugar , coconut flakes , and not sure what yet but I'll think of something ! LOL