Recipiente Inteligente para Papa Modular Mates®


Detalles del producto

Mantén las papas frescas y firmes con el nuevo Envase Inteligente para Papas

Detalles del producto

Mantén las papas frescas y firmes con el nuevo Envase Inteligente para Papas Con su diseño inteligente, el panel de acceso frontal abatible tiene el número ideal de orificios para garantizar una óptima circulación de aire. Además, puedes apilarlo ordenada y eficientemente junto a los envases Modular Mates®, otros Envases Inteligentes para Papas o el Envase Inteligente para Cebolla y Ajo sin restringir el flujo de aire de las papas.

  • 5½ cuartos/5.5 L.
  • Ahora disponible en base Negra/tapa Popsicle
  • Puede lavarse en el lavaplatos automático
  • Garantía limitada de por vida

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(8 reseñas de clientes)
Very pleased and love it! 4/17/2018
Comentarista: Sarah
I'm so glad I had bought this a couple years ago. It's the best storage bin. It's durable. Top and cover come apart for easy cleaning. I use this for potatoes and it keeps them well and nat/fly free! I'm getting another one for my onions☺
Difficult and Disappointing 4/11/2018
Comentarista: Marjorie
Can't quite figure out why the flap over the opening is detachable--but it is, and once off the wretched thing is nearly impossible to re-attach. But that's no surprise, as the large seal over the whole top is also difficult to attach (or detach). I had such high hopes, because the black color should prevent the potatoes from turning green. But it's definitely not the solution once arthritis sets in. So I'm back to potatoes in a dishpan covered with a towel. It does hold a decent amount of potatoes--I'd guess about five pounds or a bit more. I'd give it two stars.
Disappointed in Tupperware 1/16/2018
Comentarista: Betty
Bought the Onion & Potato Modular Mates. Sure wish I hadn't bought them. Tupperware is no longer what they have always bragged about and you can't find a rep or even company employee when you need them.
Did not work out great for me 1/13/2018
Comentarista: Lynn
This did not work for me, would not recommend - donated it, very sad as I paid full price for it.
Great product 1/8/2018
Comentarista: RITA
This product is great. It keeps my potatoes from going bad as quickly as without it. We just don't use potatoes that often. So this saves me from wasting them. I definitely recommend it.
Thumbs down 11/27/2017
Comentarista: Michelle
I was really excited to get this product. The rep for the party I attended bragged about how long her potatoes kept good for. Too good to be true unfortunately. My potatoes are rotting and sprouting just as fast, if not faster, than leaving them in the bag. Bummed about wasting my money.
So helpful! 6/25/2017
Comentarista: Brittney
I keep my potato smart container on the counter next to my canisters, and my potatoes seem to keep so much longer than they did when I stored them in a drawer or on the counter-not to mention it looks a lot niver than a random sack of potatoes on the countertop!
Potato Smart Container 5/29/2017
Comentarista: Dana
I was so excited to get this product. It is stylish and a great way to store potatoes out of view. BUT, it is a horrible disappointment. The potatoes do not get enough air and begin to get wet and rot within a week. I wish I knew a solution to this!! May try in refrigerator, but is large for that.