Centro para Pasta Modular Mates®/Negro

Precio regular: $69.00

Precio especial $39.00

Detalles del producto

Puedes ver los contenidos al instante.

Detalles del producto

Puedes ver los contenidos al instante. Los recipientes livianos, resistentes a las manchas y a los arañazos conservan la frescura. Guarda pasta, arroz y frijoles en un lugar de tu armario o despensa. ¡Tus estantes nunca lucieron tan bien! El Centro para Pasta, que está a un muy buen precio, incluye: dos Recipientes Ovalados 4; 16½ tazas/3.9 L y dos Recipientes Cuadrados 2; 11 tazas (2.6 L).

  • Tapas negras
  • Puede lavarse en el lavaplatos automático
  • Garantía limitada de por vida

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Ted 7/5/2017
Comentarista: Richard T
This is for you Tammy. I started off with Tupperware when I was 18 when my aunt was in car crash and had a fractured arm. I drove her to her parties, and helped her sort , and deliver orders. I was a Tupperware chauffer that was in the 1970's. My wife Jeanette was a Tupperware consultant in the 1980's. We have a lot of Tupperware that is dated, and we use all of it. I am less that 3.5 years away from retirement, and with my wife being on disability we will both be on fixed incomes. I put a lot of thought into having a small business, and Tupperware was fun when I helped my aunt. I am looking forward to having fun and serving others in this new journey in my life. We have a lot of Modular Mates that we for use for dry storage. The Classic Impression Bowls are great for pasta, and potato salads. We just ordered the One Touch Modular Mates and, plan on using those for sugar, coffee, and loose tea. ted@rtpowell.net
Life Long Storage 1/26/2017
Comentarista: Tammy
In 1977 I had just graduated high school and I had decided to become a Tupperware dealer (that was the term used in those days for a consultant). Even as a teen, I loved using Tupperware and thought it would be a good product to sell. I did quite well and even though I went on to work in other areas, I always held Tupperware in my heart as my first fun job.
About 10 years later, and now I am a single mother looking for a job that helped me be mom and provider with a schedule that didn't negatively effect my son, so I hooked up with Tupperware again and really loved all the new items they had created, especially the Modular Mate series. I purchased two sets, one in black and the other in popsicle. I loved the way they streamlined my pantry and how I could see what items I had stored in them through the sleek window. All the different sizes and shapes worked so well together, I really enthusiastically promoted Modular Mates and sold lots and lots of sets.
Skip ahead now to 2017, 30 years later, and now I am a grandmother. I still have the same modular mates, and they look just as good as they did the first day I purchased them. Unfortunately, I am now disabled and unable to work (I became a nurse in 1993, but had to stop working in 2009). If I could be a stay at home consultant for Tupperware and strictly sell on-line, I would, and Modular Mates would be my showcase product; having had decades of personal experience using them. But until such a consultant position is created on-line, I will just share my reviews with those who are shopping via the internet.
Modular Mates will organize your cupboards and pantries with a lifetime of security and guaranteed freshness provided by the enduring product with tight fitting lids. I'm ordering more from a local consultant I found listed online at the Tupperware.com website, and I picked the perfect time to do it too. Modular Mates are on a 40% off sale right now through January 27th! Wow, "I am so excited, I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it... (Modular Mates) I want you, I want you". Hey, don't laugh, my teen years were during the disco era :-)