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Detalles del producto

Incluye preparador de tortillas, avena y tostadas.

Detalles del producto

Incluye preparador de tortillas, avena y tostadas. Más dos accesorios para preparar huevos escalfados y tortillas.

  • En Rhubarb/Royal Amethyst
  • Puede lavarse en el lavaplatos automático
  • Garantía limitada de por vida

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FANTASTIC 3/2/2017
Comentarista: JODY
I got mine free for hosting a party a few yrs ago (no inserts at the time) used it for omelets and steaming asparagus. I purchased the inserts when they came out and love steaming 2 eggs at the same time for our egg "mc-muffins" .
Comentarista: Melissa
I just went to my very first Tupperware party last week and purchased the breakfast baker... it NOW comes with the 2 inserts to do poached eggs!! ( $29) It did used to only be sold separately, so when you order your breakfast baker, your consultant should order your inserts to be sent to you. Like I said, I have had this one week.... I have made brownies in it twice and scrambled egg bake once. This thing is great! I can't wait to find other things to bake in it.
Rip off 10/8/2016
Comentarista: Linda
I was at a recent party and ordered the breakfast maker SET that clearly states it comes with egg inserts. I even asked if they came with the inserts and was told yes. My order arrived and they were not included. I assure you I would not have paid $29 for a plastic omelet maker. I wanted this product as pictured and have been told I have to order the inserts separately. Won't do it and will never buy another piece of Tupperware again!
Best. Thing. EVER! 7/30/2016
Comentarista: Jen
I LOVE the Breakfast Maker!

I use this for everything and the time that it saves makes it well worth the price. You can have 2 fully cooked eggs in 2 minutes - no fuss, no muss. If you need to reheat something, this is your Huckleberry! I don't know what magic it is made from, but it takes less time to reheat everything- and it keeps it moist!

It's so easy to clean up too - and you can eat right out of it if you want. For me, this was a game changer. I can now eat breakfast without breaking out a pan, a dish, turning on the stove, cleaning up multiple things, and all that jazz.
Love My Breakfast Maker 6/13/2016
Comentarista: Deanna
I just can't say enough about my Breakfast Maker. I love, love, love it. It truly makes the best omelette ever in 2 minutes. No mess, No skillets to wash. And my daughter it to. This is great for adults and teens.