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Detalles del producto

La mejor combinación entre estilo y practicidad para uso diario.

Detalles del producto

La mejor combinación entre estilo y practicidad para uso diario. Estos utensilios para preparar también son un regalo perfecto. Las medidas están moldeadas directamente en el mango de las tazas y las cucharas, son fáciles de ver y no se deterioran. Y obtienes seis de cada uno, no cuatro como en la mayoría de los demás juegos. Eso significa menos medidas y menos trabajo.

  • Incluye 1/8, ¼, ½ y 1 cucharadita, más ½ y 1 cucharada
  • Las cucharas se meten una dentro de otra para un almacenamiento compacto en la gaveta
  • En Raindrop
  • Garantía limitada de por vida

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No ring 6/6/2018
Comentarista: Kathryn
There is no ring with these spoons. I am sorry I purchased these - why would there be no ring when there are holes for a ring?
Unhappy 3/3/2018
Comentarista: Donna
I also have my measuring spoons from the 70's. Yes 45 years and still brand new. I love the shape and the ring that the spoons attach to. To bad they changed. I wanted to get a knew set for our camper. I'll just take mine from the house. Thank you for all your reviews.
Measuring Spoons 7/20/2017
Comentarista: Brenda
I really like Tupperware measuring spoons and cups because of the quality and that you have sizes most sets don't have. However, I am not pleased at all with this new design. I do not like that there is not a ring or something to keep them all together. While they do snap together, it seems as if only if they are all together.
unhappy 7/18/2017
Comentarista: Mae
Wish I would have known they don't come with the ring to hold them together anymore, just wanted to update my old set which has a ring.
mae markham 7/18/2017
Comentarista: Mae
Was unhappy to learn they do not come with the ring to hold them together. Have not tried them yet, but wish I would have know, because I already had a good set that has a ring.
Missing 4 tsp 6/4/2017
Comentarista: Nancy
Love my spoons I got 40 yrs ago but they came with a 4 tsp one that Iuse all the time. I would buy more if it had the 4 tsp as well as the 1 1/2 tsp as it originally had. Why did you stop? It was the real selling point as far as I was concerned!
40 years and still going 6/2/2017
Comentarista: Cat
I got my set of spoons in the 70's when they first came out as part of my kit. I have used them exclusively and they still look brand new. That means after 40 years of use they are still in service. After I first got these I had a donut business then just everyday use. I bake so they haven't just set in the drawer unused. These spoons have been in use every day for 40 years and still look new.
Very happy with my new measuring spoons 1/11/2017
Comentarista: Jan
I wasn't sure about whether these came with a ring or not from reading the other reviews, so I called Tupperware and was told, "no", they do not come with a ring. I had to think about that because I didn't want my measuring spoons all over the drawer. After thinking about it I knew that I would think of something to keep them together and ordered them. They are great! I love the color and how they will lay flat without rolling over while in use. I bought a package of book rings to keep them together. I only needed one and there are eight to a package, (four small, and 4 larger), but they were $1.88, so I used one of the larger rings and it worked perfectly. I do think they should come with a ring though. Happy with my purchase.
measureing cups and spoons 12/20/2016
Comentarista: TERRIE
My set has a ring that the spoons clip onto. Love that. My measuring cups and losing the wording on them. I have an older set, but am missing a couple. Like having more than one as some recipes need the same size for different ingredients.
Comentarista: Blair T.
I LOVE these... I have two sets (one from my aunt)... and decided to get a new set for me and give the others I have had for about 40 years to my daughter and get myself down to ONE set. The ones I am giving her are still like new... AMAZING.
Nearly Forty Years Old and Still Going Strong 9/17/2016
Comentarista: Paul
I bought a set of these spoons nearly forty years ago. They show very little wear although they've been used extensively. They are 100% dishwasher safe.

You'll love the 1½ teaspoon or ½ tablespoon measure. You'll use it more that you'd ever imagine.

The set used to include a 4 teaspoon measure, which was also very handy.
Missing ring 7/25/2016
Comentarista: Sharon
I like the varied sizes. These aren't always found in spoon sets. However, I wish there were a ring to hold the spoons together. Older sets had this feature, and I found it to be very helpful. There are holes in each spoon handle, so it would seem there should be a ring.