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Detalles del producto

El diseño de pared doble evita la condensación y conserva las bebidas frías durante horas.

Detalles del producto

El diseño de pared doble evita la condensación y conserva las bebidas frías durante horas. Incluye tapa para sorbeto Drip-Less.

  • 24 onzas/700 mL.
  • En Turquish
  • No incluye popote
  • Garantía limitada de por vida

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Tumbler 4/25/2017
Comentarista: Mikki
I love these tumblers!! Yes, they are a bit pricey, but worth it! They last forever and I hate when condensation forms on the outside of a tumbler, this one does not do that! It is very well made. Now, let us address the straw controversy....I for one am glad that it doesn't come with a straw!! First, bacteria builds up on them, it doesn't matter how many times you wash it or put it in the dishwasher! Bacteria builds up!! So, I am glad I can use my disposable straws! Tupperware tumbler $22, disposable straws $1.99, a bacterial infection...see the, I am not a doctor, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn once!!
One of my favorite gifts 4/17/2017
Comentarista: Patty
I got this tumbler 10 years ago as a gift (it came in orange then) and I use it all the time. I have loved it. It is just now starting to look a little worn. I'm a fan of disposable straws--more sanitary as the others are too hard to clean--so I don't mind that it doesn't come with one. Time to own a green one!
Cute cup - spring fling 4/2/2017
Comentarista: Terrill
Nice sturdy looking cup. Would be better if it either came with a straw or was given the option to purchase one. For Tupperware to charge $20+ for a 24 oz cup and it not include a straw is unheard of.

I assume this is because the same cup is $12 if you purchase it as a hostess' party. But I am still a bit puzzled how Tupperware speaks so highly of the importance of using their entire line yet you are forced to use a subpair straw.
Insulated Tumbler 2/13/2017
Comentarista: ELAINE
I got the tumbler with a straw! Nice but Price is out of line!
No straw 2/3/2017
Comentarista: Debra
I was disappointed that it didn't have a straw, also doesn't give an option to order one.
no straw 1/30/2017
Comentarista: Pat
Nice tumbler but it does not come with a straw and there is no option to order one.