Chop 'N Prep® Chef


Detalles del producto

Tritura hierbas frescas, verduras, bayas, quesos y más en tiempo récord con este producto compacto y ecológico.

Detalles del producto

Nuestro popular picador se integra al sistema Power Chef®. Es ideal para picar hierbas, nueces, ajo y vegetales pequeños. Ideal para pequeñas cantidades de alimento para bebé. El mecanismo con cable fácil de tirar ahorra tiempo y esfuerzo, al mismo tiempo que evita tener que pagar demasiado por el uso de la electricidad. Además, el Chop 'N Prep® Chef es lo suficientemente pequeño como para caber en la alacena o en un cajón. Incluye cubierta con mecanismo de cordón, tres cuchillas rectas, base antideslizante de 1¼ tazas/300 ml, protector de cuchillas y sello antiderrame.

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Missing information 12/29/2017
Comentarista: sue
First, nowhere in the lengthy instructions or diagram does it say the white plastic part covering the blades IS REMOVABLE. That could have been the reason it didn't work for me the first time. Then, I had baby carrots that I cut in thirds, a reasonable size for this little chopper, but they were not touched at all by those very sharp blades. Carrots are a common vegetable, so if the gadget isn't meant to chop/dice baby carrots, it should say so. Your online video as well as the Tupperware consultant at a recent Tupperware party both showed the wonders of this machine. However, so far it has been disappointing for me.
Broke after a couple of years of light use 1/27/2017
Comentarista: JulieAnn
The pull string no longer spins the blade after a couple of years of light use (maybe 20 uses). For the price I wish it lasted longer, and unfortunately it is only under the quality warranty and not the lifetime one.
Great for baby food! 11/30/2016
Comentarista: Erin
I use this to chop up food for my 8 month old baby. I was able to put turkey, green beans, peas, and a little gravy in the chop n prep and feed my baby right from the Thanksgiving table. We use it while we are out at restaurants or home for dinner. This product instantly turns our meal into baby food. It is very easy to use and works great!
Chop n prep 10/16/2016
Comentarista: Kelli
Really easy to use, I have weak wrists and not once did they try and buckle when chopping up my veggies!!!!
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