Detalles del producto

Aún las latas más dificultosas no representan un problema para este abrelatas fácil de usar.

Detalles del producto

Aún las latas más dificultosas no representan un problema para este abrelatas fácil de usar. Levanta las tapas de las latas para que no entren en contacto con el contenido, manteniendo la cuchilla cortante alejada de los alimentos. Además, no deja bordes filosos en la lata o la tapa, de manera que es ultraseguro para usar.

  • En Blanco/Negro
  • Garantía de calidad. Este producto tiene garantía por defectos de fabricación por hasta un año después de la compra.

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Overpriced for a 1yr warranty can opener and no honor for those of us who bought older version with lifetime warranty. 12/18/2017
Comentarista: Sun
Pass on this, Tupperware clearly is taking a page from our crooked DC establishment in fleecing us customers. My wife hosted a party by a rep who is now retired and everything we bought at that time we were told was life time warranty including our solid White Can Opener. It now just spins around, does not hold the can or really cut it any longer and when you call in, they are fast to say they only have 1yr warranty on them and nothing else. Sorry, I can sell you another over priced can opener.

No Thanks, Pass on Tupperware and will pass on buying anything more from them.
Where is the Honor?
Comentarista: Russell
This is the best can opener I have ever used ......IT LEAVES NO SHARP EDGES which is great if you have children who would use it or you want to repurpose the empty can.....
My wife brought this home months ago ......

She is at your Headquarters doing Chair Massage even as I am writing this review .....Her name is Linda Martin....

we have many of your products and my late mother held Tupperware parties in the late 60' and into the 70's ....

AWESOME PRODUCTS ........copied by many ..........but never equaled

Warranty changed! 7/31/2017
Comentarista: Maria
I was very disappointed to see that the warranty has changed for Tupperware. I was rudely told by the Chat Representative that there was only a one year coverage on anything with blades and that it would not be replaced. I purchased this product about 13 years ago ( an I do not believe there are any blades on this, that is the whole appeal tothe safety behind this can opener) and it WAS covered at that point. I had a good run but it will not longer even clasp onto a can, let alone open it. To me that means it is not working anymore and Tupperware is supposed to have a lifetime guarantee. Guess not anymore. This is just wrong. And the Chat people need to be a little nicer, not just a "Oh well, sorry"
Warranty misinformation 6/18/2017
Comentarista: REnee
I just went to TPAC in Nashville to Dixie's Tupperware Party and "Dixie" went on and on about how wonderful the can opener is and how it has a lifetime warranty. I just logged on to find one. Thanks for pointing out that it is only one year! I won't be buying one for that price now.
Scam!! 2/23/2017
Comentarista: Kimberly
Absolutely disgusted!!! I bought this can opener and thought it would be my last one that I had to pay for. The ONLY reason I paid so $40 for it was because it had a lifetime warranty! Or so I thought! I tried to get a replacement sent today but was told it ONLY HAD A 1 YEAR WARRANTY!! I can make a guarantee that I will NEVER EVER purchase anything from Tupperware again!! To all those thinking about purchasing this please look elsewhere for tuperware will only replace it for ONE YEAR! My consultant should be held liable as she told a LIE!! I will tell anyone I see purchasing Tupperware about their hidden scams! Goodbye Tupperware!!
Tupperware does not stand behing their warranty! 2/21/2017
Comentarista: Linda
Here is the warranty policy stated right on the website:
Tupperware® brand products are warranted by Tupperware against chipping, cracking, breaking or peeling under normal non-commercial use for the lifetime of the product. Please call Customer Care toll-free at 1-800-TUPPERWARE (1-800-887-7379) for free replacement. If, due to unavailability, actual product replacement cannot be made, comparable product replacement will be made, or credit toward future purchases of Tupperware® brand products will be given. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Warranty replacement items or parts will be subject to shipping and handling charges and applicable taxes.
My can can opener has an "R" after it which means it's COVERED. I'm not sure what the others are referring to when they say Tupperware changed their policy, which to me seems so unethical! The policy still clearly states the item IS covered if the product is shown as "Tupperware R" as mine does, I was bluntly told by the Chat rep. that the item is only covered for a year. That would refer to items manufactured after the policy change, if any! Shame on Tupperware, never will I purchase one of their over priced products again and neither should you! TG for Ziploc and Rubbermaid!
DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!! 12/14/2016
Comentarista: brenda
I bought this can opener because it was highly recommended by my consultant durning my party. At the time i was told that it had a lifetime warranty like most tupperware products so I bought the expense opener, Now it is not working at all and Tupperware has changed their policy! So sad that this company has gone so far downhill. I will NOT be buying any other products from Tupperware. There are much better products on the market. Thanks for nothing !!!!
warranty changed after purchase 11/18/2016
Comentarista: Melissa
I was told it had a "lifetime warranty" and now its not working! I love the way it has changed after I paid that much for a can opener!
Used to be my very favorite!! 9/24/2016
Comentarista: Amy
This was my absolute favorite kitchen gadget for years!! I told everyone it was worth the $ for sure! I have little kids and pets, so the lack of sharp edges was awesome! I bought it because the consultant told me it came with a lifetime warranty. Wonderful! I talked my husband in to splurging, because if you only have to buy one for the rest of your life, I guess $40 isn't that bad! Well, the other day it started leaving metal shavings around the can. I've noticed a decline in it's ability to cut the lid off in one pass around the can over the past few years, and now we're at about 4 complete circles around the can. One of these metal shavings embedded into my hand and it was extremely painful, even worse to get out! So I thought it was finally time to cash in on that lifetime warranty I was promised. I looked it up on here, and now it says there is only a "quality warranty" and it only lasts for one year. I can promise you that I was told it had a lifetime warranty. I can also promise you I would not have spent nearly $40 for a can opener that only came with a year warranty. So I guess I am saying goodbye to my best kitchen friend. And maybe Tupperware needs to train their consultants not to promise warranties for things that aren't covered.