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Detalles del producto

¡Muy práctico! La tapa sirve de taza medidora con marcas en el interior.

Detalles del producto

¡Muy práctico! La tapa sirve de taza medidora con marcas en el interior. Diseñado especialmente con tapa antigoteo. Ideal para preparar, mezclar, servir y guardar salsas y marinadas.

  • 12 onzas/350 mL.
  • En Raindrop
  • Puede lavarse en el lavaplatos automático
  • Garantía limitada de por vida

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(10 reseñas de clientes)
Shaker Disappointment 9/3/2017
Comentarista: Mary
I was going to buy this and thank goodness I read the reviews first. My old Tupperware shaker had the blade insert which is needed to thoroughly shake anything. I will not buy. Thanks everyone!
Thanks 8/28/2017
Comentarista: jeanie
Thank you for the previous reviews....I was buying one because i misplaced the blade out of my older one.
Corporate 7/25/2017
Comentarista: Barbara
No mixer blades and I bought three. Naturally I remember buying these years ago and they were called "shaker" then as well. I purchased a different brand that did not have the mixer blade and was dissatisfied. That's why I made the effort to google, create an account and order from Tupperware. I want a refund on all three now.
Very dissappointed 7/6/2017
Comentarista: kathleen
I too wish I had read the reviews on this product ! I was expecting the mixer blade tlike the old ones too :( I will be returning mine as well
Disappointed 5/21/2017
Comentarista: Joddy
I wish I had read the other reviews before I spent money on this. I too was expecting it to have the mixing disc like my old one that came up missing. The spout is nice but if I just wanted to shake dressings and marinades I can use a mason jar.
Where is the mixer part 3/18/2017
Comentarista: COLEEN
I too was thinking it was the shaker bottle from years ago. I even had to go back and look what I ordered.
shaker - all in one 3/18/2017
Comentarista: Donna
Not happy with item. I had thought was like the shaker with the insert blender of old shaker had from tupperware. I lost the insert for that and was expecting to get it with the all in one also. Hmmm now have two and if want the inserts need to buy more! NOT HAPPY. Can I get the insert for the old shaker?
Complaint on small shakers 3/12/2017
Comentarista: Donna
I have two but not what I was looking for when you say shaker..sure you can shake it but where's the screen like the big bottle has? Im not happy with these at all! Could you send me two screens for my shakers so I can use them thank you
disappointed 2/9/2017
Comentarista: Roxanna
I was also expected the mixer blade??? Does it mix anything?
Disappointed 12/20/2016
Comentarista: MEKALA
I was expecting to have a mixer blade in it like the older version had, to blend or mix powders in the convenient 12 oz size. It only comes with the measuring cup and lid.